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  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Industry Cement
  • Area of Expertise / Field Human Resourse
  • Experience 10 12 Years
  • Age 33 - 37 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Father Name Ch Rafique Ahmed
  • Presently in Pakistan Yes
  • Only For Ex-ServiceMan

  • Unit 30
  • Trade CLK
  • Served any FF / Govt / Related Organization after Retirement Yes
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About me

  • Recruitment & Selection • Manpower Planning • Training & Development • HR Operations • Administration • Policy & Procedures • Compensation Management • Employee Benefits • Employee Relations


  • 2008



  • 2007

    BBA (Hons)



  • 2009 - 2010


    • Responsible for managing the recruitment & training functions and provided HR Support services to UNITED NATIONS, Care International in Pakistan, GTZ, Zong, Mobilink, Pakistan Tobacco Company (BAT), Army Welfare Trust (AWT), Askari Aviations, Agroventures, Lafarge Cement and Fauji Cement.
    • Conducting interviews, shortlisting candidates, Headhunting and assisted employers in formulating the Job descriptions, posting jobs and facilitating in their recruitment efforts.
    • Provided executive search services to employers by sourcing national & international candidates.
    • Advice to employers on developing effective talent management strategies.
    • Proactively gathering of information regarding candidate’s pool, analysis and presentation of the data to the management.
    • Designing training manuals & delivering training on portal.
    • Advise on staffing issues & provide active and direct support in all analytical and technical HR program related assignments to the employers.
    • Liaison and establish relationships with INGOs, United Nations, Corporate sector employers and HEC awarded universities for the proving trainings related to their portal.
    • Assist in organizing seminars, workshops, job fairs, Social Medias and other events

  • 2010 - 2011


    • Planning the required manpower with concerned HOD & Manager (HR) and responsible for its recruitment
    • Responsible for Job Advertisements (Internal & External), managing the employee referral program & developing internship program and its goals.
    • Effective talent management (Attracting, Developing, Engaging & Retaining talented workforce).
    • Responsible to design or revise application forms, test papers, Interview evaluation forms, application forms and Online Recruitment Processes.
    • Attending and reporting the recruitment updates in all meetings with directors in USA.
    • Effective implementation of pre and post selection activities according to the approved manpower plan and availability of required manpower to requisitioning dept within stipulated period of time.
    • Quarterly updating of Organizational Structure based on new induction, termination, retirement and posting.
    • Conducting the orientation sessions and welcome to SNL program for new hires
    • Development of the campus recruitment plan and effective employer branding activities.
    • Drafting the employment offer letters and experience certificates.
    • Participating and representing company in all job fairs, industrial open houses and arranging meetings.

  • 2011 - Present


    Recruitment & Selection:
    • Responsible for Recruitment & Selection process (Full Cycle) and effective talent management for technical & non-technical positions.
    • Utilizing online techniques (cost effective) for sourcing potential candidates (national & international) and assessment of candidates through interviews, questionnaires, tests and behavior based techniques / interviews.
    • Designing / developing assessment techniques & criteria.
    • Employee’s reference check and verification of certifications & experience letters.
    • Responsible for the Manpower Planning (Staffing) & Budget analysis for required manpower.
    • Monitoring Head count of each dept and devising strategies on optimum utilization of manpower (right person for right job concept).
    • Ensure the company’s Policies and Procedures are observed during Recruitment & Selection process.
    • Monthly reporting on departmental Headcount, Joiners & Leavers and recruitment budget analysis, future manpower planning and conducting recruitment / manpower analysis reports.
    • Responsible for negotiation of Compensation & Benefits package with newly hired employees.
    • Conducting Job Analysis & Evaluation and determining the appropriate compensation level for each position. Assisting line managers in developing Job Descriptions.
    Training & Development:
    • Assist in planning and organizing of the training activities & training calendar conducting promotion board.
    • Training to line managers on effective resume reading and interview skills / assessment techniques.
    • Conducting orientation sessions for the new hires & recommendations on staff development & assisting in succession planning.
    Performance Management:
    • Assist HR manager & directors in development and implementation of Performance Management system.
    • Assist hiring managers in developing KPI’s & goals for the employees of their respective department.
    • Assist in developing rewards system and its objectives. Assist in annual, semi annual performance reviews.
    Compensation & Benefits:
    • Monitoring and developing the salary scales (bands) and make necessary adjustments during the revision of pay scales/salary bands to offer attractive & market competitive compensation to existing & new employees.
    • Assist to ensure timely arrangement & process of employee medical cases and EOBI registration & WWF registration of employees. Maintaining record of various benefits entitlements to officers & staff.
    • Salary negotiations, revision of employee benefits, salary restructuring & calculation of its financial impact.

    HR Policies & Procedures:
    • Develop and improve HR policies and procedures with the changing requirements of the organization.
    • Assisting Manager HR in Identification of gaps in present policy & procedures and make necessary recommendations for the improvement. Communicate and clarify the HR policies and procedures to employees.
    Industrial Relations:
    • Heading the university and industry liaison program and conducting on campus hiring.
    • Representing company in all events seminars, workshops and HR networking conferences.
    • Participating and representing company in all job fairs and arranging meetings.
    • Responsible for conducting internal audit and corrective measures including documentation pertaining to ISO certifications.
    Employee relations & career development:
    • Make recommendations when necessary for the career progression & adjustment of manpower.
    • Provide responsive & pro-active support and advice to line managers on broader issues, disciplinary actions and complex individual cases. Handling grievances on required basis.
    • Ensure to provide current and prospective employees with information about policies, working conditions, wages and opportunities for promotion / growth and employee benefits.
    HR Operations:
    • Responsible for management of HRIS (ERP) employee personnel data (service record).
    • Employment Contract extension, termination, transfer, postings of staff, promotion, suspension cases, disciplinary action cases.
    • To carry out and maintain record of internal and external correspondence (Memos, Briefs & Minutes)

Honors & awards