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About Hamood zafrullah

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Industry Other
  • Area of Expertise / Field AccountsAdministrationHuman ResourseProcurement / Logistics
  • Experience 15 Years and Above
  • Age 48 - 52 Years
  • Gender Male
  • Father Name Muhammad Zafrullah
  • Address House: 66 F, Street: 7, Phase: 6, DHA LAHORE CANTT
  • City Lahore
  • Secondary Contact Number 03214641995
  • Presently in Pakistan Yes
    • RankLt Col
  • Unit 45 FF
  • Years of Service 25
  • Trade INF But Logistics Stream Officer
  • Date of Retirement 02-07-20
  • Service No. PA 34547
  • Served any FF / Govt / Related Organization after Retirement No
  • Major Appointments held during Service
    • Staff Officer at unit /FC/Rangers.
    • Company Commander at unit/FC/Rangers.
    • Assistant Director Defence Purchase, DGP(ARMY) -2010 TO 2014.
    • 2IC Inf Unit/FC/RANGERS.
    • DAA & QMG Log Area.
    • Accts Officer- CMH Lahore
  • Only For Ex-ServiceMan


I posses MBA (3.5 years) Degree in “Supply Chain Management” form  Preston University Kohat Islamabad Campus, ( HEC Recognized this Degree MBA (Supply Chain Management) as EQUIVALENT to Corresponding MS/M.PHIL Degree in the Relevant Field involving 18 years of schooling).  I also have qualification of  Defence Procurement Course from  Army Ordnance School Malir, Logistics Staff Course  from Army School of Logistics Kuldana Murree , Certification on Financial Management, Logistics and Material Management,Human Resource Management,Contract Management , Public Financial, Taxation and Auditing System from IBA KHI and Certificate  on Logistics  and Material Management from  AIOU.  My Objective is “To seek employment opportunity in a reputed organization to contribute magnanimous experience of Procurement, Contracting, Logistics and  Supply Chain  coupled with HR Management,security and Administration with a view to enhance proficiency and competency in private sector”. I also have experience of  serving as Logistics officer( one year at CONGO as assistant log officer and 2 years in Log Area as DQ), 4 years of Procurement/contracting Officer at DGP(ARMY) and 2 years as Accounts Officer in CMH Lahore. I do have experience of serving in unit for more than 8 years one year in Rangers, 3 .8 years in FC , where i was involved in HR/Fin  management affaires, Security Duties, and  had a leading role with regards to Procurement /Contracting at unit and Fmn level for central procurement items . In last 15 years i  had 3 x OUTSTANDING reports from 3 Gen Officers(MAJ GEN RETD Farooq ORD, Lt GEN Omar Mahmood Hayat ORD, and Maj Gen RETD Sajjad Rasool, SIND)  rest 12 were Well Above Avg.



  • 2018 - 2020
    Combined Military Hospital -Lahore

    Accounts Officer

    Performed duties were:- (1) Pay and Allowances. (2) Managed financial book keeping of CMH accounts. (3) Processed invoices, recorded payments and tracked expenses of the hospital. (4) Supervised the activities of staff members of hospital with regards to bookkeeping duties and preparation/refunding of civilian patient bills. (5) Interacted with collection agencies on past due accounts and worked to resolve billing disputes. (6) Managed different contracts for timely payments to firms for timely delivery to CMH.

  • 2016 - 2018
    Logistics Area

    DQ (Log Officer)

    (1) 2 years’ experience of administration, coordination & employment of human resources (including recruitment), financial management (including pay & allowances), discipline, protocol, security regulations and supervision of maintenance and major construction works. (2) As logistics Manger supervised all on site aspects of the logistics, supply chain and custom delivery operations while ensuring that each stage of the distribution process (supply of ration, provision of manpower/ ammunition during operations etc.) is processing on time, with in allotted resources and to the right quality standards. (3) Remained continuous Member of Procurement/ Purchase Committee of Log Area.

  • 2014 - 2016
    Army Unit

    Second in Command of about 800 Employees

    (1) I was responsible of administration, coordination & employment of human resources, financial management (including pay & allowances), discipline, protocol, security regulations and planning, management during this period. (2) Performed Leading role in Purchase/Procurement of different items for UNIT/Formation.

  • 2010 - 2014
    Directorate General Procurement Army (DGP - ARMY)

    Assistant Director Defence Purchase (ADDP- 6/7 &12/13)

    I was responsible of following:- (1) Defense Procurement and Contracting Procedures. (2) Effective Purchase Management. (3) Budgeting. (4) Quality Management. (5) Negotiation with the Firms as per rules. (6) To take a proactive approach to risk management, ensuring risks and issues are identified, addressed and reported timely with higher authorities for prompt solution. (7) Providing advice and support for all procurement activity . (8) Market Intelligence. (9) Ensuring that all procurement procedures and contract clauses are as per Rules of \Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA)\ and SOPS .

  • 2008 - 2009
    Army Unit in Demo Republic of Congo (DRC)- Under UNO

    Assistant Logistics Officer/ Company Commander

    . Military Logistics by Air and by Road. . Training of the Troops. . Head OF welfare shop (PX SHOP) for the troops and UN employees. . Responsible to maintain the supply line of essential food items. . Maintenance of equipment as per UN standards. . Timely placing of demand of desired food stuff and items with HQ .

  • 1995 - 2008
    Pak Army/FC/Rangers

    Second in Command/Staff Officer /Security Officer/Purchase Officer

    During these 13 years performed following duties at different appointments as per requirement and deployment of the Military/Paramilitary Outfits, few are appended below:- (1) Training of Employees. (2) Recruitment of Employees. (3) HR Management. (4) Internal Security duties. (5) Performed Leading role as HEAD OF THE PURCHASE COMMITTEE. (6) Office Management. (7) Event Management .

Honors & awards

  • 2012


    I was given this excellent grading by DG OF DGP(ARMY) on displaying outstanding performance as ADDP Section 12/13 of the procurement Agency.

  • 2014


    I was given outstanding grading in annual Appraisal report by DG of DGP(ARMY) on displaying extraordinary performance in procurement/contract management and saving valuable public money by concluding contracts at cost effective rates, While heading P-6/7 Sections of DGP(ARMY) as ADDP.

  • 2017


    As DQ/ LOG Officer in LOG AREA , I was graded by COMMANDER LOG AREA ( MAJ GEN) with outstanding grading on displaying excellent performance as LOG Officer / Purchase Officer of LOG AREA.